Sirdar Snuggly Baby Crofter DK

50g balls - 3.70

Baby Fair Isle Effect

This Baby Soft yarn has an incredible Fair Isle effect spray dyed onto the yarn with shorter colour changes than the 'adult' version, it is also "Snuggly" Soft. See pattern leaflets for full effect of colour patterns.




Pre-order by the ball

Bruce (201)

Pre-order by the ball

Effie (202)

Pre-order by the ball

Maisie (203)

Pre-order by the ball

Imogen (204)

Pre-order by the ball

Barnaby (205)

Pre-order by the ball

Flora (206)

Mimi (146)

See Main Picture 4484

Georgie (148)


See Main Picture 1438

Bonnie (150)

See Main Picture 1931

or Pattern Leaflet 1456

Keltie (151)

See Main Picture 1929

Scottie (152)

See pattern picture 1926

or pattern leaflet 1457

Dougal (157)

See Main Picture 1964

Florrie (158)

See small Picture 4450

Cara (165)


See Main Picture 1252

Archie (166)


See Main Picture 1318 (Pattern Discontinued)

Maypole (173)


See Main Picture 1485

Skye (174)


See Small Picture 1484

Kaitlyn (175)


See Main Picture 1486

Hazel (177)


See Picture of Full Ball


See Main Picture 4449

Winnie (178)


See Picture of Full Ball


See Main Picture 4448

or Main Picture 4450

Gracie (184)

See Main Picture 4517

Logan (186)

See Main Picture 4571

Pre-order by the ball

Brodie (187)

See Picture 4572

Posie (188)

See Main Picture 4575

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Mae (190)

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Connie (191)

Pre-order by the ball

Bertie (192)

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Benji (193)

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Jocelyn (194)

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Dee Dee (195)

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Bethan (196)

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Nessie (197)

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Jasper (198)

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Mabel (199)

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Patsy (200)

The following colours have all been discontinued by Sirdar and only available while stocks last.

7 balls left

Kiki (143)

See Main Picture 4479

10 balls left

Elsie (144)

10 balls left

Hattie (145)

See Main Picture 4480

17 balls left

Nestles (149)


See Main Picture 1437

30 balls left*

Hickory (153)

See Main Picture 1928 or 1441

1 ball left @ 3.40

Nessie (154)

See Main Picture 1933

1 ball left @ 3.40

Pinkie (155)

See Main Picture 1962

8 balls left*

Hamish (156)

See Main Picture 1963

or pattern leaflet 1458

20 balls left*

Tilly (159)

See Main Picture 2411

21 balls left @ 3.40

Lillie (160)

See Main Picture 1997

16 balls left* @ 3.40

Maisie (161)

See Main Picture 1998

20 balls left*

Evie (162)


See Main Picture 1254

7 balls left

Angus (163)


See Main Picture 1255

3 balls left

Walt (164)


See Main Picture 1442 (pattern no longer available) or small picture 1255

7 balls left

Bella (167)

17 balls left

Aggie (168)


See Main Picture 1314

16 balls left

Tabitha (169)


See Main Picture 1394

18 balls left

Lucie (171)


See Main Picture 1390

18 balls left

Fifi (172)


See Main Picture 1395 or 1391

20 balls left

Coralie (176)


See Main Picture 1484

10 balls left*

Fergus (179)


See Picture of Full Ball


See Main Picture 2410

20 balls left

Minnie (180)


See Picture of Full Ball


See Picture 2413

10 balls left

Annabelle (182)

See Main Picture 4515

10 balls left

Edie (185)

See Main Picture 4570

Due to Monitor variations shades may vary

Some swatches supplied by Sirdar

*There may be more left than stated but they would be a different dye lot - email us for more info

50 grams

165 metres

179 yards

55% Nylon

45% Acrylic

Use size 4mm

Needles and

4mm Crochet Hooks


22 stitches, 28 rows

to make a 10cm square on

size 4mm needles

Tumble Dry

Machine Washable

Also available Sirdar Crofter DK

Other Sirdar and Hayfield yarns

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