About Us

CPU Enterprises is the parent company of Dianne's Knitting Yarns, Craft Bits and Craft Kits. We are a family run business partnership with the founders, Peter and Diane, now semi-retired. Their daughters, Carole and Dawn, now run the business with Carole in charge of the office and Dawn the warehouse.

CPU Enterprises has been trading since 1972 in various ways and went online with Dianne's Knitting Yarns in February 2000.

The 3 websites are separate at the moment but may be brought together at some point in the future.

Dianne's Knitting Yarns is the biggest and oldest of the CPU websites, it was a natural extension to the market business Diane and Peter had started many years before. The website went so well they closed the market stalls and concentrated on the website.

Diane has been knitting since she was very young and her first job was in a wool shop. She has done other jobs during her lifetime but always gravitated back to yarn.

Diane in Peaches Wool Shop Peterborough in the 1950's

The picture below shows the Market Stall where Dianne's Knitting Yarns started in 1985, however it soon grew to 6 times the size.

Dianne's Knitting Yarns First Market Stall (1985)

Dianne's Knitting Yarns were one of the first knitting yarn companies to go online in February 2000, long before the big guys. For more info on how, and why, Dianne's Knitting Yarns started please check out the CPU Enterprises Blog.

The Dianne's Knitting Yarns website has grown from just a few yarns to many hundreds, but we still believe in the core reasons we started DKY. We pride ourselves in the fact we care; care about the quality; care about the price; and care about you, the customer.

Craft Bits was the next website to go online but had been in existence for a while.

Dawn had been making toys from fur for a while but could only find Teddy Eyes in large packs. DKY also had some customers at the market stalls asking for Teddy Eyes for the toys they had knitted.

So Carole started what was then called Carole's Crafts in the 1990's to split the large packs of Teddy Eyes into smaller packs to sell on the DKY market stalls.

The decision was made to rename this part of CPU Enterprises to Craft Bits a few years after they went online, however they do still have the caroles-crafts.co.uk domain.

The popularity grew and since going online we have added lots of other crafts, but we have always tried to keep to the original principle of - Just want one - No Problem.

Craft Kits is the newest website which was started because we believe kits are the best way to get children crafting. Each kit has what you need to make a finished article, usually with very good instructions.

The selection was soon expanded to include kits that adults may like too, some are for beginners and some need a little more skill.

Most of the kits are at Pocket Money prices so you do not have a large outlay to try a craft, bigger kits may be available on request.

Many of the kits are Cross Stitch Kits which is a very popular craft we know well. However we do keep an eye out for other crafts as long as they are instructive and good value for money.

Each website has its own Customer Testimonial page where you can find messages from customers about what they thought about the websites and our service. You can find links to each on the home page.

Two of the websites, DKY & CB, have customer forums which have details about new items and any important notices. New items on CK can be found on both forums. You can find links to both on the home page.

The CPU Blog has lots of background and behind the scenes info including the spelling of Dianne, P+P explained and the full CPU Story.

We hope you will visit one, or all, of our websites and look forward to serving you.