1.00 each

This is the Mini Loopa - No Knit Scarf Making Template

By using the Mini Loopa, fashion yarns take on another dimension - Some yarns twist beautifully and others burst with texture. You can create scarves that range from delicate and pretty to voluptuous and dramatic, long and fine or chunky and velvety. You can 'loop' yarns on their own such as Sirdar Wow! or combine two fashion yarns, such as Wow! and Vegas and 'loop; them together. The possibility for mixing yarns and colours is endless!

Incredibly, you can 'loop' a scarf in less than an hour. Looping is incredibly simple and fun to do - just wrap, loop and sew! So, its perfect for people who cannot knit, but want to wear something creative and expressive. It also makes a refreshing change for experienced knitters to try something new.

All you need is the main yarns, the Mini Loopa, a binding yarn and a needle & thread (optional). The instructions are not on the Mini Loopa but we have permission from Sirdar to put the instructions on HERE.


1.00 each


The Pattern Leaflet for the Mini Loopa has been discontinued and is sold out. However we suggest you take a look to see what they look like and some combinations you could use - please click HERE.

Basically you should feed your imagination and have a go at different combinations - you can always pull it apart again. Ideal for using up your left over yarn. Or take a look at the Scarf Yarns we suggest on our Site Map

Also Available Larger Loopa - click HERE

If you only buy a Mini Loopa or a Mini Loopa and Pattern Leaflets then postage is 2.50 (UK only).

If you buy a combination of Loopas and lots of Pattern Leaflets the postage will be 3.20 (UK only)

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