Sirdar Snuggly Baby 4ply

50 gram Ball - £3.15





Pre-order by the ball

Little Bow (441)

Cream (303) - also in 100g balls

Cream - Shade 303

Pre-order by the ball

Popsicle Purple (465)

Pearly Green (304)

Pearly Green - Shade 304

Pre-order by the ball

Mini Monster (475)

Pastel Lemon (320)

Pastel Lemon - Shade 320

Pre-order by the ball

Tug Boat (478)

Pastel Blue (321)

Pretty Peach (186)

Spicy Pink (350)

Peaceful (188)

Soft Brown (428)

Tutu (191) 

Periwinkle Blue (447)

Petal Pink (212)

Petal Pink - Shade 212

Buba Blue (471)

Lilac (219)

Lilac - Shade 219

Rascal Red (472)

Light Navy (224)

Bunnykins (473)

White (251) - also in 100g balls

White - Shade 251

Flowergirl (474)

Pearly Pink (302)

Pearly Pink - Shade 302

Due to Monitor variations shades may vary

The following colours have all been discontinued by Sirdar and only available while stocks last. When we have sold some more, and made some room, we can get the new colours in stock :-)

17 balls left

Custard (192)

16 balls left

Purple (424)

12 balls** left

Seaside (193) 

14 balls left

Soft Green (425)

15 balls left

Pretty Cute (194)

14 balls left

Cosy Spot (432)

2 balls left

Pale Grey (195)

10 balls left

Pink Plum (443)

12 balls left @ £2.99*

Biscuit (196)

10 balls left

Gumdrop (444)

3 balls left @ £2.40*

Vanilla (388)

20 balls left

Rice Pudding (446)

20 balls** left

Wobble (403)

20 balls left

Pretty Posy (448)

16 balls left @ £2.99*

Bubble Pink (405)

10 balls left

Pumpkin Patch (458)

10 balls left @ £2.99*

Blink (406)

Blink (406)

10 balls** left

Little Leprechaun (462)

20 balls left** @ £2.99*

Choo Choo Train (419

9 balls left

Shrimpy (464)

12 balls left @ £2.99*

Lolly (420)

**There may be more left than stated but they would be a different dye lot. Please email us if you would like more information.

50 grams 

226 metres

55% Nylon

45% Acrylic

Use size 3¼mm Knitting



28 stitches, 36 rows

to make a 10cm square on

size 3¼mm needles

Cool Tumble Dry

Machine Washable

*Why are they different prices? The colours with cheaper prices were discontinued before the last effective price rises on this yarn - we brought them cheaper so we sell them cheaper to you :-)

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